Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 Weeks

Yep, time is flying out here on the Prairie, I'm one week shy of 3 months! My little Hope Baby is the size of a lime! I am feeling better every day. I can tell that the morning sickness is starting to subside, and I'm feeling less sick in the evenings too. I don't have a lot of energy and I'm having a hard time keeping up with these crazy kiddos! I'm heading to Humble today to find some pregnancy workout videos, yoga or pilates. I'm hoping this will help with my weight and energy levels. I have another ultrasound in a week and I can't wait to see our little baby again!

Things have been pretty crazy around here the past few weeks, Harleigh got really sick with RSV, and not long after, Josh got viral meningitis. Thank goodness Harleigh was better by the time Josh got sick. He was in the hospital for 5 days, and he has now made a full recovery! Thank you all for your prayers and concerns. Trey and I have somehow managed to stay healthy through it all! I am very thankful for that, and thankful that we are past it. Today will be a busy day for us, the kids have Mother's Day Out and then Harleigh has dance from 4-5 and t-ball from 5-6. I'm officially a chauffeur! I'll post pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Josh and I are very happy to announce that I'm pregnant! I am due on September 16th, 2010. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow. My little baby is the size of a prune! I have been to the doctor three times and had three ultrasounds. At my first appointment, they couldn't see the baby on the ultrasound so I went back the following week and there he/she was! It turns out I wasn't far enough along the first time to see the baby yet. I was 3-4 weeks and the baby was the size of a poppyseed! When I went back for my two month check-up, the nurse couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler, so I went for another ultrasound! And there he/she was again! Much bigger than the last time and just a wiggling around. I was 9 weeks and the baby was the size of a green olive! Needless to say, I cried like a baby when I heard the heartbeat! It has been a pretty emotional couple of months. I am so excited to have this little life growing inside of me and I can't help but get excited for what is to come. But it is also very difficult. It is not at all a replacement for Maeson. He is very much a part of our lives and will continue to be. We miss him very much and I think about him and long for him always. I am very nervous about this pregnancy, but I also have a good feeling about it at the same time. My emotions are a wreck right now. I have another ultrasound at my 3 month appointment in March. My doctor wants to do some extensive tests on the baby. This puts me at ease. I know that God's Will will be done with this baby, but I hope that the extra precations we are taking will somehow help. I find myself saying that a lot. "Hope". I am hoping to make it to that 20 week ultrasound, you know, the big one, where they tell you everything is okay. I am hoping for a healthy baby. I hope to be able to enjoy this pregnancy and leave it up to God. This is our "Hope Baby" and I can't wait to see what the future holds.