Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baseball 2011

Our Spring was consumed with baseball! Harleigh has played Tiny Tots for 2 years and this year she moved up to 6U coach pitch softball. It was Trey's first year of Tiny Tots, super cute!!!

I found this shirt online and it completely sums up my life the past few months! Between both kids having practice and two games a week each, I was very busy! Harleigh also has homework every night and dance one night a week. And that's why I am in a ball cap and t shirt most days! lol!

Harleigh & Trey at their Opening Day ceremonies. Each team supplies a cake and they auction them off and the proceeds go to the baseball park. Some of the cakes go for over $500... insane!

Trey's Tiny Tots team was called The Sand Gnats. How cute is that!?! He did pretty good but he missed a lot of games and practices because of Harleigh's. Tiny Tots is so cute, the kids are so little! Lakyn is her brother and sister's biggest fan. She went to all the games and cheered them on! Here she is watching one of Harleigh's games with her Poppa.

Harleigh's team was The Orange Crush. We had so much fun watching her play and cheering her on. It gets a lot more serious at the coach pitch level, her team only lost one game. They were 1st place in their age group. I'm glad she had such a good season and that we enjoyed it so much because she says she doesn't want to play again next year :( But I'm sure we will be at the ball park with Trey!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

I started out Mother's Day weekend ny hosting a shower for my very good friend, Erin, on Saturday. She is getting married in mid June so lots of friends and family pitched in and we threw her the most beautiful shower!

We were able to use the clubhouse at her Grandfather's condominiums downtown. The room was floor to ceiling glass and it overlooked the Houston skyline, it couldn't have been any more perfect. Erin's Mom made the cake and cake balls. They were so pretty and yummy! Can you believe this is her very first cake!?! She is such a talented woman!

On Sunday we had a crawfish boil at our house. I was so excited to have everyone over to eat, drink and celebrate Mother's Day. This precious girl was pretty excited too! ;) We had her highchair out under the carport all day. She loves to be outside and see what's going on. Nosey Rosey!

My handsome husband spoils me so badly! ha! He was up bright and early picking up crawfish across town and spent the entire day cooking them, which is a lot of work! He took the kids shopping on Saturday while I was at Erin's shower and they got me a 3 month membership to Massage Envy! I can't wait to use it!

It's not too often my Mom has all four of her kids in the same place so it was a pretty big deal! It was really neat having all 3 of my brother's and their families over. We are all grown up :)

The kids let the chickens out and my niece, Anna, had so much fun carrying them around. She is such a little animal lover. Everytime she comes over she carries a puppy around the entire time. This time it was a full grown chicken, lol! I just love her!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random trip to the park

The same day as the Easter parties, yes, the crazy day where I was pulled in every direction!?! Lol! To top it all off, Trey had a game that night. Well, he was supposed to have a game, but we got to the field and realized it had been cancelled! Josh's parent's were already on their way so we decided to meet for dinner instead. Josh was working out of town, story of my life! lol!

The kids were terrible at dinner, I was so embarrassed! It's really hard when Josh is out of town. My patience wears very thin at times. So, when Nan and Poppa wanted to go to the park after dinner, I was less than thrilled. ha! But we went anyways, and I'm SO glad we did!

The 3 amigos on the slide! They had so much fun and the boys were cracking me up with those Monster Trucks. They were pushing them down the slide and putting them on the swings. They are so funny!

Lakyn LOVES to swing! She cracks up and smiles so big. I took a million pictures of her swinging and this was the best one. This kid always has her tongue out! lol!

Poppa played with Lakyn the whole time. She slid, swang and played in the sand. He spends so much one on one time with my kids and I'm so thankful. I seriously don't know what I would do without him. He helps me so much around the house and with the kids. He makes a point to come by and see them daily and even loads them up and takes them with him to give me a break. It's very nice to have such loving and involved Grandparents. You can never have too many people to love your kids. I can't anyways ;)

I LOVE this picture! Our sweet nephew is so handsome! He's a pretty special little guy too. Josh's parents have him about 75% of the time which is great because we get to see him ALOT. Harleigh and Trey are so close to their cousin and they love him so much! Everytime they see their Nan they look in the backseat to see if he's there. The times he isn't, which is pretty rare, they get SO upset. Seriously, it's a cry-fest! They act like they are never going to see him again! lol! Poor babies would spend every minute with their cousin if they could! I'm excited for Josh's parents to move by us so they can spend even more time together!

My little crazy kid! I don't know how I could love him any more.

Sweet Harleigh! She is so girly but she gets right in there with the boys and holds her own!

I see a lot more park days in the future for the cousins! We plan on having a very fun filled summer! I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Parties 2011

This year Harleigh and Trey's Easter Parties were on the same day. Talk about hectic! I was really thankful that they were at different times so I was able to make both of them. This precious girl went with me and she was an angel, of course!

Our first stop was the Church. Trey's party was from 12-1 and then they hunted eggs on the playground. It's always so neat to get to see him in his "element". He ran into his classroom and sat right down where his name tag was. He acts like such a big boy at Parent's Day Out.

My friend, Ashley, and I went out a few minutes early and hid the eggs while Ms. Sue watched Lakyn. Ms. Sue has been the Assistant Director there since Harleigh was 18 months old. It's so neat that she will have seen all of my babies through Parent's Day Out! The egg hunt was just precious! All the kids had a blast.

Lakyn, Trey and I left the Church and stopped by the house. We only had a few minutes because Harleigh's Party next! I had just enough time to get Trey's candy out of the car (It was HOT and I was afraid it would melt) I also fed and changed Lakyn and then loaded them back up and headed to The Primary School.

Harleigh's egg hunt was first. They had the eggs numbered and each kid could only get "their" number. Harleigh was #12. So if she picked up an egg and it didn't have #12 on it, she had to put it down. There were 144 eggs! So you can imagine how long it took. Which would have been okay, had I not had my two little stinkers tagging along...

This is Miss Priss' newest trick! She rips the bow off the headband and then either gets the band stuck on her face or wrapped around her neck. I have had to start watching her really carefully because I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself! ha!

Trey was actually very good, it was just a LONG day! lol! One of the kids in Harleigh's class gave everyone a goody bag and she let him have one. He was so proud! I thought it was so sweet of her because she gave up her bag so he could have one. Which made his day since he was very upset he couldn't hunt eggs with her class. lol!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Beach Day

The weather has been so nice this spring. We could seriously use some rain, but I've really enjoyed our dry 78 degree Sunny Spring! I couldn't wait to get the kids to the beach this year. I just knew they would have a blast. They have always loved the beach, but the older they get the more fun they are for all day trips like the one we took to Galveston a few weeks ago. Nan and Poppa kept Lakyn and Josh and I took "The Big Kids" to the beach with Seth & Erin.

Little Man had so much fun! He chased the sea gulls all day and kept calling them "sea hawks". He is so funny! He kept asking for snacks and then he would feed them to the sea gulls. I don't think our neighbors were too fond of that ;)

There were ladybugs EVERYWHERE! Harleigh made little homes and castles and had a ladybug at all times. She is such a girly girl, but she loves bugs and animals so much. Little Girl, Big heart!

It was a blast hanging out with Seth & Erin. She and I have known each other since grade school! We went through typically girl drama since day 1, but somehow we remained friends. Seth & Erin are getting married on June 18th and I can't wait to be a part of their special day!

They were so awesome with the kids! They brought stuff to dig in the sand and make castles and they played with Harleigh and Trey all day long. They are going to be great parents one day ;0)

Seth, Trey, Josh, & Harleigh posing with their sand castle. They were so proud! I have a feeling we will be having a lot more beach days throughout the summer!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stick Horse Rodeo

Every year Harleigh's school has a Stick Horse Rodeo. This is seriously the cutest thing ever! The kids bring a stick horse and they do all kinds of outdoor activites. Here are The Kindergarteners riding in the Grand Entry. Adorable.

They had barrel races, trick riding, roping, and all kinds of adorable activites. The High School Rodeo and FFA kids came over and set it all up and helped the little ones with each station. Harleigh had a blast and it was so fun getting to watch her.

I thought her outfit was adorable so I took her out in the yard for a last minute photo session. Turned out pretty cute :)