Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's The Harleigh Show!

May was a busy month for our little Kindergartener! It started with Water Day at her school! Trey went to work with Daddy while Lakyn and I went to watch Harleigh in her Water Day activities.

The Coach's lined the kids up in the gym and gave them the 411! Harleigh was so excited!!!

They seperated the boys and girls, fabulous idea! The girls got to do the slip n slide first. I'm so glad they do Water Day now instead of Field Day. It's just way too hot!

All of the little girls in Harleigh's class were so sweet! I can't wait for her Birthday party so we can have them over to play!

Next, was her dance recital! It was adorable, as usual! This was Harleigh's 3rd year of tap and ballet. All of our family came out to watch her dance and she did so good.

Every year Josh gets her flowers after her recital. I think it's just the sweetest thing! He is doing an awesome job of setting her standards very high! :)

Her recital didn't start until 7:30pm. I had planned on having everyone over for dinner afterwards, but the time was so awkward. We weren't going to be at our house until about 9pm, so I figured everyone would have eaten before the recital. So I decided to serve dessert instead of dinner. I had cupcakes, brownies, and a sundae bar. I though this was the best idea ever! But I was so WRONG! lol! No one except for us ate before they came and everyone was hungry and I had NO FOOD! So, next year I will be cooking or we will be going out to eat. We had a good time, but it was embarrassing that everyone was hungry for dinner and all I had was dessert!

The following week was the last week of school for Harleigh. They had an end of the year luncheon in her classroom. I volunteered to bring the paper goods. I found graduation stuff that matched her school colors, and we stuffed the cups with all kinds of goodies the night before.

They had pizza, punch and cupcakes. Josh, Trey, Lakyn and I went and Harleigh was so happy that we were all there. Trey sat by her and ate and we watched her class slideshow. It was adorable. I am going to miss her being in Kindergarten :(

The next Day was her Graduation, the theme was "Coloring Our Future". Each class wore their class shirts, it was so neat! Of course I bought a tutu and a huge bow for Harleigh to wear, lol! She got an end of the year award from her teacher for Best Dressed! I'm so proud! ha!

They sang six of the most adorable songs ever and then they put their cap and gowns on and received their diplomas. These are the same colors they will wear when they graduate from High School. How cute :)

Our parents and my Aunt all came to watch our Little Kindergatener graduate. She was so excited that they all came to see her sing her songs. Which, by the way, she has been singing every day since!

Mrs. C. was an awesome teacher to Harleigh. I can't say enough good things about her. Harleigh misses her so much, we will definitely be visiting her next year!


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