Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daddy's Home!

Josh just got home from Monticello, Utah. This was his second year to go on a mule deer/elk hunt. I was a little upset that he was leaving for 12 days so close to my due date, but we got through it. Thank God I didn't have this baby while he was gone. He would have NEVER heard the end of it! lol! The day before he left we spent the day together as a family. We went to Bass Pro Shops in Pearland and it was so neat! I have been to Bass Pro plenty of times but I'm always impressed! Then we went to the Downtown Aquarium.

Our sweet babies pretending like they like each other! j/k They have been getting along really well lately!

Josh and Harleigh posing in the aquarium. Somehow we managed to skip the carnival. I love our kids being little because they don't notice stuff like that most of the time. Instead, we bought tickets and walked through to see all of the fish and reptiles before we ate. It was really nice since it was in the air conditioning! :)

And yes, they had a Bengal Tiger. It was really neat, but sad! He seemed so lonely and the area they have him in is so unnatural. It was all concrete and there was nothing wild about it. I felt sorry for the poor guy, but he sure is beautiful!

Here we all are waiting for our table at The Aquarium. We were so sad that Daddy was leaving and we are so happy he is home now!

What would a nice family dinner out be without a fun dessert? This is The Shark Attack, and it was soooo good! :)


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