Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fancy Nancy

A couple of weeks ago I went to Harleigh's school for Fancy Nancy & Dapper Dan Day. Fancy Nancy is a character in children's books who loves to dress fancy and use big fancy words. It's a neat way for the kids to have fun and learn that there are other ways to say things. I picked out Harleigh's clothes at the last minute right before I woke her up for school. If we are at home, you will never find her without a dress, tutu or some kind of funky outfit on, so you can imagine how excited she was about Fancy Nancy Day at school. When I got her dressed she said, "Mommy, how did you know the perfect thing for me to wear? Just how did you know?" Well, sweet girl... I'm the Mommy! I know everything!

This is "Fancy Harleigh" with her teacher, Mrs. Cameron. She loves Kindergarten. She is always really sweet in the mornings and is very excited when I pick her up. She loves to tell me all about her day and to do her homework. Yes, my kid loves to do homework. I was not expecting that, but I'm glad that she has such a hunger for knowledge! :)

Me and three other Mom's brought the fixings for Ice Cream Parfaits, just like in the book. The kids got to put their own toppings on and we read a Fancy Nancy book. They also sang us a song. Here is Our Little Kindergartener in action. Enjoy! :)


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