Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day in The City...

Those of you who know us, know that we live waaaaay out in the sticks! Lol! We love the fact that we aren't on a main road, our kids can run around and pretty much do as they please without the fear of getting ran over or getting nabbed by a stranger, the school is small, everybody knows everybody, etc. etc. HOWEVER... there just isn't much to do! We don't have splash parks and nice shopping centers, or farmer's markets and play areas. So, we like to take the kids to The Big City every now and then to do fun stuff!

A few weekends ago, we decided to go to The Aquarium Downtown and hang out for the day. The big kids rode rides for a while but the lines were long and it was H-O-T! So that didn't last too long!

They have a carnival with lots of games and rides outside. They also have a splash pad, but we forgot swim suits and towels, so that was out. So we moved on to my favorite part, the indoor aquarium. You know, where the a/c is! lol! They have tons of fish and other reptiles that are really neat. The kids touched star fish and pet sting rays, which they thought was so cool! They also have a two Bengal tigers in a glass cage. It's really neat to sit and watch them, they are so beautiful!

After we toured the aquarium, we headed over to the restaraunt and ate a yummy seafood dinner. We had to laugh because both kids wanted an appetizer, boiled shrimp, and an entree, grilled shrimp. They don't order off the kids menu anymore, which is getting really expensive, ha! But I'm pretty proud of them because they would rather have grilled shrimp and broccoli than fish sticks and french fries. Kids menus need to step it up. Not all kids live on chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.

After dinner, we were walking to the car and we saw horse and carriage rides. The kids threw a fit wanting to go on a ride. So Daddy agreed and we all took a ride through downtown to see all the lights and big, pretty buildings. I couldn't figure out the right setting to put my camera on, so I didn't get any good pictures. The kids, even Lakyn, just sat quietly and admired all the beautiful sights that The City has to offer. It was really peaceful, and just something I want to remember forever! We had a fun day in The Big City!


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