Monday, December 28, 2009

Four Christmases

No, I'm not referring the comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaugn! I am referring to the amount of Christmas celebrations these two attended in one week!

I love black and white, it makes them look so sweet and innocent! ha!

Christmas with Mimi and Moose was a blast! Here are all of the kids on front of the tree. Anna was sick so she stayed home with her Mommy. We missed her so much! My Mom and Step-Dad always go all out on Christmas and they really outdid themselves this year. The kids got so many cool gifts, and we all had a great time visiting and stuffing ourselves with good holiday foods!

This is Christmas Morning. Trey got a fishing pole from Santa and Harleigh got a bb gun. We had a nice, relaxing morning at home. It was just Josh and I and the kids. We had fun taking our time and enjoying watching the kids open and play with their presents.

Harleigh was super excited about her Dora Mermaid!

After spending the morning at home with our little family, we headed over to Josh's parents to celebrate! We took Harleigh's gun and Daddy helped her shoot it and work on gun safety. We had a lot of fun with Josh's parents, sisters, and Aunts.

On Saturday we went to Nana and PawPaw's. The kids just loved their Zhu Zhu pets. They each got two, and tons of accessories! I think their favorite gift were the books that Nana picked up at The Book Fair. They just love to read!

We had such a great Christmas and we are so blessed to have such large families to enjoy the holidays with. Our kids are really spoiled, and we love it!


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