Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Texas Snow

It's a rare event when it snows in Southeast Texas. And we are lucky enough to have experienced it two years in a row! I kept the kids home from Mother's Day Out last Friday so they could play in The Texas Snow!

Harleigh was so excited, and Trey was trying to catch the snow in a bucket!

They ran and played for an hour. Trey was calling it "snow man" instead of just "snow"!

"Look Mommy! It's Snow Man!!!" Poor little guy took a nap and missed the best part!

Harleigh played and made snowballs while Trey napped away!

She was trying to get a taste!


Moose and MiMi said...

How sweet are they? And just beautiful! I don't notice just how much they look alike when they are together, but I really see in these pictures! It is so awesome they have gotten to see snow 2 years in a row, especially where we live!!

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