Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Haircut

Harleigh got her first haircut! I have to admit, I never dreamed she would be 4 1/2 before she even got a trim! But this is just how long it has taken her to grow some hair, she was so bald, bless her heart! When I was pregnant I had this vision of my little girl having straight, beautiful brown hair halfway down her back by the time she started school. But she doesn't! She has curly, beautiful brown hair that barely touches her shoulders when dry. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here she is in "the chair". I thought it would be a lot of fun for her to get her hair washed and cut, but I was oh so wrong! She hated getting it washed, she cried the whole time. She did better after that was over but the real fun came when Barbara offered to make her hair straight. Harleigh was so excited to see herself without curly hair. I couldn't believe she agreed to let Barbara blow it out, but what do I know!?!

Here is My Big Girl when it was all said and done. They barely cut half an inch but it made a big difference. It looks so much healthier and less frizzy and her curls are bouncing more than ever. I wasn't a big fan of the straight hair, it just doesn't look like my baby! I see a lot more beauty shop fun in our future!


Moose and MiMi said...

She was so precious on this day (well she is EVERYDAY), but I will never forget her walking around the mall "flipping" her straight hair all around like a "big" girl, I like the curls better for now,,,,,,,,,

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