Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We had a really fun Spring Break! The kids had no Mother's Day Out, Dance, or T-ball, so we had the entire week to do whatever we wanted! The weather didn't cooperate at the beginning of the week, but by Wednesday it was beautiful and perfect for a day at the Beach! So we went and picked up Mimi and met Leigh, Gigi, Landon, and Madeline in Galveston. We packed a lunch and Gigi bought everyone a bucket and shovel. It was so nice to enjoy some Vitamin D. I feel like we have been cooped up all winter!

After the beach, Mimi, Harleigh, Trey and I headed to Kemah! We ate some Joe's crabshack and spent the night at The Boardwalk Inn. On Thursday the kids rode a million rides and played in the water fountain. It was so much fun being near the water for two days!


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