Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2nd Year Dance

Our Tiny Dancer completed her second year of Dance back in May! She did so great this year. She really loves going to class and seeing all of her friends. It's neat to watch her pay attention to her teacher and learn things. (Last year she pretty much just twirled around and acted silly :) I got her pictures from the studio yesterday and just had to share...

Quite sassy, huh? This hands behind the head thing was part of their dance and she just had to do it in the pictures. I think they turned out really cute, though. (despite the fact that it took two months to get them... another day, another post!)
Tap/Ballet goes from August-May so this summer I put Harleigh in gymnatics, which she loves, and it has lead to competition cheerleading. She has been going to gymnastics once a week, and now we will add another night of cheer starting tomorrow night. Seems like an awful lot of practice, so we will have to just see how it goes! I'll keep you guys updated!


Moose and MiMi said...

I just love her dance pictures! The poses are so "her"! The recital was precious and we are so glad we were there to share in it!!!

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