Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Parties 2011

This year Harleigh and Trey's Easter Parties were on the same day. Talk about hectic! I was really thankful that they were at different times so I was able to make both of them. This precious girl went with me and she was an angel, of course!

Our first stop was the Church. Trey's party was from 12-1 and then they hunted eggs on the playground. It's always so neat to get to see him in his "element". He ran into his classroom and sat right down where his name tag was. He acts like such a big boy at Parent's Day Out.

My friend, Ashley, and I went out a few minutes early and hid the eggs while Ms. Sue watched Lakyn. Ms. Sue has been the Assistant Director there since Harleigh was 18 months old. It's so neat that she will have seen all of my babies through Parent's Day Out! The egg hunt was just precious! All the kids had a blast.

Lakyn, Trey and I left the Church and stopped by the house. We only had a few minutes because Harleigh's Party next! I had just enough time to get Trey's candy out of the car (It was HOT and I was afraid it would melt) I also fed and changed Lakyn and then loaded them back up and headed to The Primary School.

Harleigh's egg hunt was first. They had the eggs numbered and each kid could only get "their" number. Harleigh was #12. So if she picked up an egg and it didn't have #12 on it, she had to put it down. There were 144 eggs! So you can imagine how long it took. Which would have been okay, had I not had my two little stinkers tagging along...

This is Miss Priss' newest trick! She rips the bow off the headband and then either gets the band stuck on her face or wrapped around her neck. I have had to start watching her really carefully because I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself! ha!

Trey was actually very good, it was just a LONG day! lol! One of the kids in Harleigh's class gave everyone a goody bag and she let him have one. He was so proud! I thought it was so sweet of her because she gave up her bag so he could have one. Which made his day since he was very upset he couldn't hunt eggs with her class. lol!


trooppetrie said...

I am new to your blog and for a moment thought your daughter was on oxygen, that is too cute about the headbands.
Your blog is really fun

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