Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Girl!

Last Thursday was a busy day for Little Miss Harleigh True! Her Mother's Day Out was taking a Field Trip to Old MacDonald's Farm. Then she had Tap/Ballet from 4-5 and a T-ball game at 5:30! And to top it all off... when we get to the Field Trip, the other Mom's were asking me if we were going to Kindergarten Round Up! I wasn't aware of Kindergarten Round Up, and I couldn't believe it was on the busiest day ever! So we decided to skip dance and go see Harleigh's new school! Here is a recap of our crazy day...

The Field Trip was really fun! I got to Chaperone Harleigh and her good friend Lillian. We saw tons of farm animals, played in a haystack and a sand hill, rode ponies, and played on all three playgrounds. The girls had so much fun, and ran me all over that place! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home and do fun things with my kids! Harleigh's favorite things were the sand hill and the deer. They were so tame!

After the Field Trip we headed to the Church and picked up Trey and rushed home to get ready for Kindergarten Round Up. Harleigh got to tour the school and meet all the teachers. She hasn't stopped talking about how she got to meet the PE Coach and ride a real yellow school bus! Here is a picture I took before we left the house. She is such a big girl!

We left the school and drove across the street to the t-ball game. I had to get our little all star dressed in the car! I think we need to invest in a tour bus, ha! She played really well and I, of course, didn't take any pictures! Closing Day is Saturday so I will be sure sure to get some pictures of her and her trophy!


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