Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cattle Women's Luncheon

Every year My Aunt Bridget is in charge of the Fashion Show at The Cattlewomen's Luncheon in Houston. My cousin, Ashley models for her every year and she always tries to get my Mom and I to model. This year we finally gave in and it was so fun!

My Aunt does such an awesome job putting all of the outfits together and speaking at the event. She is such a natural! I love seeing her do what she loves! Being a Cowgirl Fashionista!

My Mom and her two sisters, Bridget and Cheryl. They are so beautiful! I am blessed to be surrounded by strong beautiful women!

Mimi rocked the stage in this beautiful jacket!

This is the dress my Aunt picked for me to wear and I fell in love with it! She went to the boutique that next week and picked it up for me. Modeling was a lot of fun, and I will definitely do it again. So glad us ladies get together to do fun stuff like this!


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