Monday, April 25, 2011

Remember Florida...

Okay... we are in late January! A couple more months and I'll be caught up on blogging! yay!

When Josh and I first got together we went to Florida for my cousin's wedding. We fell in LOVE! With Florida and each other ;) We always talk about that trip and say, "Remember Florida?" Well... 7 years later and we finally got to go back! My little brother is going to college there and living with his Dad, so we decided it was time for a visit. And the timing couldn't have been better. We needed a vacation, BAD!

We flew into Ft. Lauderdale and rented a car and drove to Islamorada to meet my little brother, J.D. His Dad let us take his boat out the next day. Here is Josh fueling it up, it's so nice!

We spent the entire day fishing. I caught my very first fish, a parrot fish. It was so pretty and unique. Josh and JD caught a lot of tuna and we even ate some right there on the boat! Talk about fresh sushi! It was so good! I was amazed at how much JD knows about fishing those waters. He knows the Florida Keys like the back of his hand. It's very impressive and so cool to see him in his element.

We stayed at Holiday Isle for two nights, we also stayed there the first time we went to Florida so it was neat to go back there again. We had a blast hanging out with JD, fishing and catching up. I miss him so much already and can't wait for him to come to Texas for Mother's Day.

When we left there we kept driving South and went all the way to Key West. We spent 4 days there the last time we were in Florida and we couldn't wait to get back there. We stayed in a really neat, relaxing hotel that was within walking distance of everything. We walked down to The Sunset at Mallory Square one night and of course, Josh got talked into helping one of the street performers. There are about 10 people who come out every night at sunset and do all kinds of crazy stunts. They are really talented and fun to watch.

Our favorite place to hang out on Duvall Street is Willie T's. They have a great live band every night and just really fun down to earth people. It's an outdoor bar with a huge tree growing right through the middle of it. The entire place is decorated with dollar bills. They will give you a magic marker and a staple gun and you write something on a dollar bill and staple it anywhere in the bar. It's pretty cool! But it would be way cooler if they gave you the marker, stapler, AND the dollar bill, ha!

When we go on vacations we like to do at least one crazy thing. So we decided to go on a bi plane ride. This is the only picture I got because the battery went dead on my camera. (Camera issues... story of my life!) I was a nervous wreck, but I was very pleasantly surprised in the end. Our pilot was awesome, not only was he a very experienced pilot, but he was born and raised in Key West! He knew so much history, and Josh and I are total dorks when it comes to that. We love to go on tours and hear all about the history of wherever we are. We even went on the trolly tour with all of the seniors! LOL! Anyways... I would totally recommend this bi plane ride, we went over all of Key West and the Shipwreck Reefs, it was too cool!

Later that day we went to The Aquarium and The Shipwreck Museum. Josh fed this bird out of his hand and we saw so many cool animals and learned a lot about the history of Key West. BUT... our hearts were totally not in it. There were kids everywhere and as much as we wanted to enjoy our last day, we missed our kids so much! It was neat seeing all these cool things, but we were so ready to get home to our babies.

The last thing we did was go on a Sunset Dinner Cruise. This was also something we did on our first trip to The Keys and we had to do it again. A small taxi boat picked us up from the hotel and took us over to a private island where there is a restraunt out on the beach. The food and the service are wonderful and the view is amazing! It was an awesome way to spend our last night in Key West.

As we walked from the dock to our hotel, we saw a Disney Cruise Ship! We were so excited to get home and tell the kids THAT will be our next vacation!


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