Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trey's Bulldozer 3rd Birthday Party

Trey turned 3 on December 28th but we waited a week for the holidays to die down to have his party. Poor kid was born smack dab in the middle of Christmas and New Year's. This year he wanted a Bulldozer Party. I didn't think I could pull this one off but I was amazed at how much bulldozer stuff is out there.

I made a "Worm Dirt Pit" and it was so yummy! Crushed oreos, cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and gummi worms... How can you go wrong with that combo? I had hard hats for all of the kids to wear and I even found a Bulldozer Pinata!

The sugar cookies were so good! They were in the shapes of Bulldozers, concrete trucks, firetrucks, and dump trucks. They were a big hit and made the perfect party favor. I have started ordering them for every occasion!

I made little signs to go in all the food. This one was my favorite, "Dig In!" I always use Tastefully Simple products at our parties. They have the best appetizers and they are super easy to make. This is Bacon Bacon dip and Beer Bread. YUM!

The cake was exactly what I wanted... as usual! It matched the party perfectly and Trey LOVED the red Bulldozer. I am always so impressed at Baking Buddies cakes. Those girls can do anything!

Josh always gets on to me for going all out on the Birthday Parties but he is so guilty! He always cooks so much delicious food! Here is Josh and some friends of ours hanging out by the bbq pit. He cooked Brisket, prime rib, and shrimp diablo. Seriously... who cooks all of that for a 3 year olds party!?! And he thinks I go overboard? LOL!

I had a note on the invitation that said "Bring your battery operated ATVs". I stole this idea from a friend and it was so perfect! Here is Shane riding on Trey's tractor.

And his Big Sister, Miss Rylei Paige. I swear, our friends have the most adorable kids!

Harleigh & Cali had a blast on Justice & Bailey's Avalanche. Cali's little sister Kenli is chasing them. I joked with their Mommy and said that's probably how these 3 will always be! ha!

Trey had so much fun at his party and so many of our family and friends came over to celebrate. The weather was perfect! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the best part... Daddy parked his REAL LIVE bulldozer in the front yard for everyone to see. Trey was in Heaven :)


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