Thursday, July 29, 2010


Harleigh and Trey have had so much fun this summer with their cousin, Anna! We have spent a lot of time together swimming and playing. On Sunday, we went to the Circus and the kids had a blast! These sweet cousins get along so well. Anna loves to hold Harleigh's hand and give Trey big kisses right on the mouth! Harleigh and Trey always fight over who will get to sit by Anna, and Harleigh insists on trying to carry her everywhere. I have so many childhood memories with my cousins and I am so glad that my kids will be able to say the same!


Rebekah said...

How sweet!! I think it'll be fun when Madalyn has cousins to play with- although she might only have second cousins for a while :)

Moose and MiMi said...

What a sweet picture! I love seeing my grand angels spending together. You are right, you have so many great memories with your cousins and y'all continue to make new memories with each other, these kiddos will do the same! Glad y'all had fun - they are too cute!

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